Does HCDL have other resources I might find useful?

Many HCDL contributors seem to have way too much free time. At least they seem to have enough free time to put together resources that others might find useful. These resources are maintained by their authors. If you have questions or follow-ups to any of them, please contact the author or post to HCDL.

VOICES in the Wilderness

Archived articles from VOICES in the Wilderness may also be what you are looking for. VOICES was published in the late 1980s to support intentional Christian communities and home churches.

Threads From the Past

The HCDL Threads page contains a sample of past on-line discussions. Some of the discussions that appear on this page deal with evangelism, leadership, children, start-up churches, home school, etc.

Other Related Sites

The Other Sites page contains a lengthy list of links that are related to home church themes.

House Church and Kids

The Kids page contains resources on children and house church. Joann Hnat has packed this site with useful ideas to help us adults to love and cherish those precious little ones in the context of shared-life community.

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